Date : 23/02/2022

Introduction : Home composting is the process of using household waste to make compost at home.Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Akshay composter made up of metal and is perforated on both sides as well as shednet composter made up of shednet and is perforated all sides.

Need of Project:

This project is to do comparative study of 2 models available in Vigyan Ashram with variation of open area

Materials and Equipment:

  1. WoodSawdust (5kg) 5. Weighing Balance
  2. BARC Solution (5.500 lit)
  3. Kitchen Waste (31kg)
  4. Composters (Akahay and Shednet)

Objectives :

  1. In vigyan Ashram two composter are avalible I will comparatively study on both the composter and see which one works better.
  2. To study effect of amount of culture,foul smell and insect growth.

Procedure :

  1. Firstly,calculated the volume of Shednet and Akshay Composter.

2. At 2 O’clock, 1/2 kg of kitchen waste and 1/2 kg of culture (saw dust+BARC solution) was put in both the composters.

3. The next day just put 3kg of culture in the Akshay composter and put 1/2 kg of waste in both composters


1. Volume of Shednet Composter

a=22 cm,h=31.5 cm



=39610.26 cm3

V = 0.039610m3

2. Volume of Akshay composter


V= 3√3÷2×a2h

= 3√3÷2×(20)2×31.5



Fig.Metal Composter

Area of Akshay composter=a = 3√3a2÷2



= 0.1039 m2

a = 0.1039×2=0.2048 m2

Hole diameter=3mm=0.003m


Area of circle = πr2

= 3.14×(0.0015)2

A = 7.065×10^-6

No.of holes=2712


Total area of hole=5424*7.065*10-6=c=0.0383 m2

Area of rectangle= 6*a*h=6*20*31.5=0.3780 m2

Total explosure Area=Area of hexagon – Area of hole

= 0.2048-0.0383

=0.1665 m2

In percentage=c×100÷a+b


= 6.57%

DATE : 01/03/2022

Procedure :

1. The process of dumping 1/2 kg of waste in both the composters was continued.After looking at the system,Dr. Dixit noticed that there was a shortage of water in it.

2. Then I added 220 ml water in both the composters for five days in a row.

Observation :

  1. By adding water in both composters causes odour and a little bit gnat.

DATE : 07/03/2022

Procedure :

1. Later it was noticed from observation that the decomposition rate in shednet composter is a bit low so 500 gm culture (small thorns and BARC solution) were added to it.

2. Then I started to put some discarded food in both composter.

Observation :

  1. After adding culture in shednet composter,the decomposition rate did not change.
  2. Stopping watering reduces odour and gnat.

DATE : 10/03/2022

Procedure :

1. Added 500 gm of culture (sawdust+BARC sol.) to the shednet composter because decomposition rate was less.

Observation :

  1. Akshay composter was working good.
Fig.I threw kitchen waste in Akshay composter

Fig. Shednet Composter

DATE : 16/03/2022


  1. If the decomposition rate of shednet composter is low then we want to see how its decomposition rate can be increased.

Procedure :

  1. After discussing with Dr.Dixit, it was decided to cover the shednet with black tarpaulin to see if its decomposition rate increased, leaving only two sides.
  2. The tarpaulin is applied to the shednet composter because if you put culture in it,it comes out and if you put water in it,the shednet gets wet and there is no water left in it.
  3. The waste from the shednet composter was dry so 220 ml of water was added to it.

DATE : 24/03/2022

Procedure :

  1. The waste from the Shednet composter was dry and its decomposition was low so 1kg of culture was added.
  2. Added 220 ml water in Akshay composter because its waste was dry.


  1. No change in decomposition rate of shednet composter.

DATE : 30/03/2022

Discussing shednet composter with Dixit sir,it was turned out that the composter was not working properly,it was too dry ,so I stopped throwing kitchen waste in it.

Procedure :

  1. Add 1 liter of water to the shadenet compost and 500 ml of water to the Akshay composter as waste from both composters was dry.
  2. Firstly, calculated the volume and area of new Akshay composter.
  3. Starting today, we started putting kitchen waste in the modified Akshay composter.
  4. I started taking temperature and humidity data online because I wanted to see how to effect of temperature in composter.

Calculation :

1. Volume of modified Akshay composter :

a=21 cm and h=30 cm


. =3√3÷2×(21)2×(30)

=34331.85 cm3

V =0.034 m3

2.Area of modified Akshay composter :


. =3√3(0.21)2

A=0.1144 m2

DATE : 04/04/2022

Procedure :

  1. Calculate the total explosure area of modified Akshay composter.
  2. Measure the total weight of waste in Akshay composter and the weight of the waste dumped in the Akshay composter was 4 kg.
  3. Measure the total weight of waste in shednet composter and weight of the waste dumped in Shednet composter was 2.5kg.
  4. The waste dumped in the Akshay composter consumed 2 liters of water in 27 days but the waste dumped in the shednet composter consumed 3.5 liters of water in 27 days.
  5. Take the inner temperature of the composter.

Calculation :

Area of modified Akshay composter = 0.1144 m2

Hole diameter = 3mm=0.003m r=0.0015 m

Area of circle = πr2

= 3.14*(0.0015)2

A = 7.065*10-6 m2

No.of holes = 1757

= 1757*5

= 8785

Total area of circle = 7.065*10-6*8785

= 0.0620*10-6 m2

Total explosure Area = Area of hexagon – Area of hole

= 0.1144 – 0.0620

= 0.0524 m2

Area of rectangle = 5*l*b

= 5*21*30

= 0.3150 m2

In % = 0.0620*100/0.1144+0.3150

= 0.0620*100/0.4294

= 14.43%

DATE : 08/04/2022

Procedure :

  1. Firstly, calculate the total exposure area of shednet composter.

Calculation :

Area of shednet composter= 3√3(s2)÷2

= 3√3(22)2÷2

= 1257.46 cm2 = 1257.46 ×2

A = 2514.92 cm2

Fig. Side of shednet composter

No.of holes = 995 = 995×2 = 1990

Hole diameter = 1mm = 0.01 cm2

= 0.01 × 1990 = 19.9

Total explosure area = Area of hexagone – Area of hole

= 2514.92 – 19.9

= 2495.02 cm2

= 0.2495 m2

In % = 19.9 × 100 ÷ (2495.02 + 0.01)

= 0.797

= 79 %

Observation :

  1. Modified Akshay composter works good.
  2. Some water is added to the composter as it dries.

Date : 11/04/2022

Procedure :

  1. Add 500 gm kitchen waste in modified akshay composter.

Observation :

  1. There were white larvae in the composter because culture works not properly.

DATE : 12/04/2022

  1. I stopped throwing kitchen waste in modified composter because composter had to be sent to Pune.
  2. My first case study was completed and the objectives were successfully completed.

Data Sheet :

When I threw the waste in Akshay composter result are like this
When I threw waste in shednet composter result are like this

Result :

  1. By doing this, I noticed that when you put kitchen waste in composter with lot of culture , it doesn’t smell and insects.
  2. As comparatively study I know the Metal composter works 50% better than the shednet composter.


  1. Even if you put a lot of water in the Shadnet composter ,it dries.
  2. Akshay composter works well in summer season.


  1. In Akshay composter I had put waste ;wood saw dust and culture in the ratio of 0.5:3:3.
  2. I was giving two rotations in day as per my trials in summer season.

Conclusion Note: