Introduction –

What is Fab lab –

Fab Lab is a set of tools for digital fabrication. It is said that ‘You can make almost anything’ using these tools. Fab lab conceived by Dr.Neil Gershenfeld of MIT,USA and it is promoted by Fab foundation https// . There are more than 1600 fab labs in the world and Vigyan Ashram is ‘Fab Lab 0’ i.e. first fab lab. https// . Fab lab tool comprises of Laser cutting machine, 3D printing machine, vinyl cutting machine, PCB making machine, electronics and sensors facility, software etc. Fab Lab is found to be useful for decentralized production, sharing designs and producing it locally.

This the computer lab of this school. We converted into mini Fab lab. their is a basic picture of lab.

Me and Priyanka took a measurement of the lab .

There is a blog diagram of this lab with section. i,e which material we want to store.

Carpenters furnishing the table for 3d printer.

Cupboards setup

After Changing the lab.

3d Printer Installation – Staff Training.

Setup of 3d Printer.