Hi everyone, I’m BE in Electronics Engg from Mumbai University and M.Tech in Communication Systems from IIT Madras. Im a Poet and Solo backpacker. I have a mental illness from 2004. its Bipolar Disorder.

I am driven by following seven values of Life, I observed in natural ecosystems around me, while travelling solo through Rivers, Forests, Mountains, Sea and Villages.

Truth, Duty, Honour, Passion, Beauty, Freedom and Unity.

I have received a gift of a serious mental illness from The Universe. –
Bipolar Disorder in 2004.

It has accelerated my Creativity, ideation and Imagination at an exponential rate.

Psychiatric medicines are degrading my brain, neural network, memory and it’s intellectual abilities.

So gradually, I’m becoming someone who’s good for nothing 🙂

I started my Journey as Engineer with Ciena India Private Limited in 2008. I failed miserably in my career as Engineer.

I stumbled upon Teaching in 2010. I taught in VJTI, Mumbai, NMIMS University, Shirpur, K. J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Mumbai, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, Navi Mumbai.

I could teach One subject (Digital Circuits Design) in a better way. I couldn’t teach any other subjects (Network Theory, VLSI Design, Industrial Electronics, Microcontrollers and Application) in effective way. I worked as Project Guide for a couple of Capstone Projects but I could not guide them at all.

I tried to start-up a couple of times and failed in those attempts.

I tried some unconventional career roles, As Project Officer with Centre of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIT Madras and As Growth Hacker with Project Avi.

I couldn’t write Research Publications or develop conventional research aptitude which demands defending a Thesis. I can express my journey as a story or a fiction so that even School Children could understand about it.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting???

I penned down a couple of poetries and short stories and curated some content i found while reading various resources online/offline.


I got motivated by ‘Jiddu Krishnamurti’ and character ‘Rancho’ in movie ‘3 idiots’, and their thoughts about Education.

I envision a Self Sustaining, Self Sufficient Residential School for Learners and Teachers which doesn’t have “Caste, Religion and Money” and doesn’t have “Marks, Grades and Degrees”. A School, where Enquiry into Nature around us and Joy of Learning matter most.

I call it Dropouts #Campus.

A School for Everyone and Anyone who has courage and willingness to dropout of rat race of life.