There would be a heavy loss economically if harvesting, transportation, and distribution of fruits and vegetables are not done properly. if the losses caused by the post harvest phase gets reduced, then there would be a decrease in the dependency on importing the commonly pesticides, fertilizers and other sorts of chemicals which would subsequently save a good amount of foreign exchange. it is predicted that the complete loss of fruits and vegetables in India is because of inadequate handling of post harvest transportation at less than 25%

The significance of reduction in the loss of post harvest of fruits and vegetables has great importance in countries like Malaysia, India and the knowledge about the management of post harvest and fruits and vegetables loss.

There are various factors which influence the losses caused in post harvest because of the mechanical. physical, physiological, and hygienic conditions. The vegetables and fruits are featured by activities which are highly metabolic and are popular in possessing less shelf in the latest developments has increased the shelf of vegetables and fruits.

Problem Identified:

  • Proper picking or harvesting not done
  • unavailability of proper equipment
  • people don’t have awareness
  • lack of knowledge about maturity indices


  • Identifying and judging fruit maturity
  • selecting the fruits which are matured
  • separating the fruits from the tree
  • collecting fruits which are matured
  • use of proper harvesting equipment.

Harvesting Tool

As per the types of fruits and vegetables, various devices would be used for the harvest of the produce. The most commonly used tools for the harvest of fruits and vegetables are knives, picking shears which are handled or pole mounted. The fruits and vegetables would be tough to catch sometimes, so far that, a material which made of cushion would be kept surrounding the tree so that damage to the fruit can be prevented when they are falling from the trees which are tall or high.

Harvesting bags will be used for the fruits which have firm skins like avocado and citrus. These bags should be in such a way that they can be wore to a shoulder or waist. These types of fruits would be very comfortable to carry and the hands can also be left free. The contents from the bag can be emptied form the bottom part of the bag into a container without tearing it. The buckets which are made of plastic would be more suitable for use as containers for the purpose of fruit harvesting which can be crushed easily like tomatoes. These containers must be have to be very smooth and they should not have any edges which are sharp which would cause damage to the product. Commercial farmer use bulk bins which have a capacity of 200 to 500 kgs in which the crops like apples are placed and these will be sent to selection, packing and grading for large scale packing houses.

  1. Pyramid double edge sickle

The Pyramid Double-Edged Sickle is one of the must-have tools for every garden and farm to remove troublesome weeds and harvesting crops. It is unmatched in its efficiency with a superior quality blade and firm wooden handle that allows the gardener or farmer to clear weeds and harvest their crops efficiently.

It is used to harvest leaves and branches of plants like lemongrassherbsodomos plant etc.

2. Fruit harvest blade with nylon net

Ensure the safe recovery of lofty fruits with the Fruit Harvest Blade with Nylon Net. It is lightweight and can be attached to a lengthy pole that can easily access the upper branches of a fruit tree. It is a highly efficient device that makes harvesting and collecting fruits simple. The carbon steel blade head ensures quick & easy harvesting of fruits like Apples/Mangoes. The Nylon Net ensures that the plucked fruits are not damaged, bruised or cut.

3. Concorde flora 5 secateur

Secateurs are sharp and strong snips or scissors that can cut through the small branches of shrubs and young trees. They are also used to harvest some garden produce, such as large vegetables (with thick stalks, such as pumpkins) and fruits such as grapes and peaches.

Secateurs can be helpful for deadheading spent flowers.

4. Pyramid curved knife

Designed for precision, the Pyramid Curved Knife comes with a high carbon steel blade and a wooden handle. Extremely productive and user-friendly the knife ensures that the fruits and vegetables are taken off from the branches without harming the crown. The wooden handle allows to maintain a firm grip and eliminates the risk of the tool slipping away from the hand.

5. Green seasons straight blade cutter with D handle

The Green Seasons Straight Blade Cutter with D Handle is a highly useful tool for thinning leaves, twigs and stems. But do you know that this pruning scissor with carbon steel blades can be used for harvesting fruits, flowers and vegetables, as it is equipped with a D handle that allows comfortable and firm grip

Harvesting of various fruits and vegetables:


  • The trunk of banana will be cut off by making use of a hatchet over the halfway across the stem.
  • The bunch would not fall to the ground and hence the injury can be avoided. The bunch will be held and the peduncle will be survived.
  • Almost 25 cm of the stalk should be left for the handling to be easy.


  • The harvest should be done manually by using hand to as maximum as possible. The twisting of fruits will be done to the side or in the upward direction in a sharp way.
  • The trimming of pedicel is done and is made very short so that it would not puncture other fruits. the harvester of mango will harvest the fruit which is borne on the branches which are high.


  • In India, harvesting of coconut is done by climbing the trees. The climber will use a ladder. After he climbs to the top of the ladder, he will make use of rope ring and ties it around the feet for the purpose the climbing the tree. When he reaches the crown, he will harvest the nuts which are matured.
  • In Sri Lanka, the harvest of coconut is done from the ground by making use of knife which is attached to a bamboo pole which is long.
  • In Thailand and Malaysia, the monkeys will be trained for the purpose of harvesting.


  • The harvest of papaya is done by twisting it on the trees are dwarf. The operation of harvesting can be carried out without any sort of mechanical aids.
  • Ladders will be used more often for harvesting tall trees. Poles should not be used for the purpose of harvest. The trimming of peduncle should be done before getting panic.


  • If the jackfruit is in the reach, cutting can be done by making use of a unit which is twisted or a sickle. In the trees which are tall, placement of sack is done o the fruit by making use of a rope which is tied on the peduncle.
  • After cutting is done, the fruit would be slowly lowered to the ground.
  • The fruit will be laid on the peduncle for few minutes order to let the flow of latex and also it to coagulate.


The heads of the cabbage is cut by making use of a knife in a frequent manner which is attached with wrapper leaves.


The curds will be sliced off from the stalk by making use of knife. The leaves which are large are trimmed till there is enough jacket leaves remained for the protection of curd.


The harvest of the brinjal is done from the plant by cutting it by making use of sharp knife or pruning shears. The calyx which is fleshy and a piece of the stalk will be left attached to the brinjal.


The carrot produced for the market will be pulled out when they are developed partially. They are harvested when there is enough moisture in the soil by making use of a spade. The trimming of roots is done and the carrots are washed prior sending the to the market.


From the above study we can conclude that the use of different harvesting tools for different species of fruits and vegetables improves harvesting system and also reduces damages occured by heavy harvesting.

The proper care can be taken during harvesting which increases the post harvest value of the agricultural produce. And the harvesting tools can easily operated by women also and due to its proper use the objective of timeliness of operation can be achieved.