Gas consuptioon in Roti and Dessert making :-

Principle :- The LPG gas is used for baked the roti and dessert for evaporates the water for those substance.

Gas consumption in roti making :-

Aim :- To find Gas consumtion for roti making.

Equipments : Pan ,Laser gun ,LPg cylinder ,Weight machine,Wheat flour,water.

Theory and procedure :-

After using LPG =8.285 kg

1 minute is required for baked 1 roti .

45 seconds is required for heating the pan.

ambient temperature=24 ‘c

For baked roti the temperature required for pan at high flame is 208’c

after baked roti the temperature of pan is 254’c.

weight -100 gram of flour batter.

Calculation for roti
calculation for Roti

Gas consuption for Dessert making :-

making the dessert
Calculation for dessert