Objective :

The main objective of grinding machine is to grind grain like wheat, millet,pulses dry pithi.

Working :

1) To take a low speed grain grinding machine

2) Also, Take a 12v 5A wiper motor and to connect SMPS AC to DC current joint.

3) A Small spocket attached to wiper motor shaft .

4) First to took trial 250 gm Rice.

5) Find RPM of wiper motor is 1 min per 40 revolution.

6) And grinding wheel RPM is 1 min per 17 and half RPM. and 1 rev.complte by 2.9 second.

7)Then find the information of grinding stone.and give its deatail

8) find the bulk density of grain

9) find grain weight &volume data.

10) Measure Available hopper dimensions.

11) The first parameter is manufacture of any product to give its dimensions

12)So we measure the diamension of hopper

14)After rough work hopper to be manufacture using solid work software

15) After solid work cut metal sheet on plasma.

16) Hopper cornor bend for bending machine.