)     Scientific Classification:                                                                            

Botanical name: Filiculoides

Kingdom: Plantae

Class: Polypodiopsidia

Order: Salviniales

Family: Salviniaceae

Genus: Azolla

            Azolla is highly productive plant it doubles its biomass in 3 to 10 days .depending on condition and yield can reach 37.8 tonnes fresh weight/ha has been reported for pinnata in India.
Azolla is native aquatic plant found in still or slow moving water bodies Azolla is comman free floating fern upto 10 to 30 millimeter in diameters with root hanging down to about 40 millimeters below the water surface and fronds float on the surface of water individually or as large mats two species of Azolla are commonly found in Australia including Azolla pinnata and Azolla filiculoides the plant supports nitrogen-fixing bacterium which allows it to use nitrogen from the water and air for its own growth The occurance of the vigorously growing population of Azolla in farm dam generally indicate high nutrient levels in the water. India (Hasan et al 2009)