The objective of this trial was to maintain the color and taste of raisins. After doing 1 kg grapes batch raisin I did that experiment on piolet dryer on 14th April 2019 using the net. The 2nd trial was started on 18th April 2019 at 5:30 pm.

Procedure followed was

  1. Ameya and I did blanching on 8 kg grapes using dipping oil.
  2. I had loaded batch of 5 kg on dome dryer and 3 kg in piolet dryer.
  3. Took initial LOD it was 84.63%
  4. And drying curves and lod details are in the following sheet.
Fing1. Blanching Grapes to break wax layer on it.
fig 2: 5kg grapes batch

fig 3: Raisins


  • The first 2 plates of dome dryer dries fast but other plate took 3 more days to dry.
  • No fungus infected or no grapes spoiled.

Next Plan:

To maintain grapes color it goes dark brown after drying and taste of raisins.