As per various parts of proposed chopper first basic parts of chopper were designed in solid works software.

Parts of chopper-

1. Chopper assembly

  1. Flywheel
  2. Crank
  3. Connecting rod
  4. Chopper

2. Vessel

3. Supporting system

All the above parts were designed as per dimensions given in table below.

Sr. no. Parts Specifications
  1. Flywheel Diameter = 30cm
  2.Crank Length = 15 cm
  3.Connecting rod Length = 23.84 cm
  4.Chopper Length = 50 cm
Diameter of pipe = 50 mm
Blade size = 20 x 10 cm
Weight = 5 kg
  5.Vessel Volume = 0.0266 m3 i.e. 26 lit
  6.Supporting system  

1. Chopper assembly

            Main part of this dynamic system is chopper assembly which will do the chopping operation with the help of blades. Therefore the mechanism was necessary which converts rotary motion to reciprocating motion. The power required will be given by a motor of capacity 25 W. Crank and connecting rod mechanism was selected to convert rotary motion to reciprocating motion. Hence as per dimensions the system was designed.


            The flywheel of assembly is connected to the shaft. The shaft rotates the flywheel and provides power to it. The diameter of flywheel was kept 30 cm.


            The crank connects flywheel and connecting rod. It helps to rotate the connecting rod. Length of crank is kept 15 cm which was as same as radius of flywheel for compact system.

Connecting rod

            The chopper is connected to connecting rod. Hence as connecting rod rotates the reciprocating i.e. up and down motion of chopper is obtained. Length of connecting rod was calculated as 23.84 cm.


            Chopper comprises of pipe of diameter 5 cm and length 50 cm and two blades of size 20 cm x 10 cm. the total chopper weighs about 5 kg.

2. Vessel

            The vessel for system is to store the kitchen waste and chopped. The shape of vessel was circular truncated cone with height of 25 cm, base radius 22.5 cm and upper radius 27 cm. Total volume of vessel was 0.0266 m3 i.e. 26 lit which was sufficient for 5 kg waste.