After joining in DIC ,I have to get my first project is biological stirrer.


               The main objective of designing a stirrer is to make a liquid broth for the compost.

Technical parameters for overhead stirrer-

Stirrer quantity maximum  20 liters
Maximum viscosity     10000 m Pas
Motor rating input &output    70/35 w
Speed range(at 50-60 Hz)   60-2000 rpm/72-2400 rpm
Maximum torque at starting shaft 150 N-cm
Chuck range       0.5-10 mm
Permissible ambient
5-40 degree-Celsius

Permissible relative moisture     80 %
Voltage      220-240 v
frequency          50/60 Hz

Stirrer motor-

     Stirrer motor torque range-

  1. maximum-40 N-cm
  2. minimum-20N-cm

Stirring blades-

  • Propeller stirrer,4 blades
  • Propeller stirrer,3 blades
  • Dissolver stirrer
  • Turbine stirrer
  • Centrifugal stirrer
  • Paddle stirrer
  • Anchor stirrer

System design-

In system design we mainly concentrated on the following parameters:

  • System Selection Based on Physical Constraints
  • Arrangement of Various Components
  • Components of System
  • Man Machine Interaction
  • Chances of Failure
  • Servicing Facility
  • Scope of Future Improvement
  • Height of Machine from Ground
  • Weight of Machine
Rough design-Isometric view of overhead stirrer