Hello…. Its long time to update the something interesting!! Well, I was working in wall art assignment.It is really hectic to trace the part from one jpeg image. But Inkscape software is quite good for tracing and converting dxf file formate.

Story behind this assignment is, AKGEC skills wants some wall art design to put effective use of laser cutter machine. This was not my domain but I was working on this assignment from last 8 days. Personally I believe that art is like something which is creating something without stress and pressure. If we want to fit our art in engineering software then it quite hectic for who want to design the same stuff by using  only a single jpge image.

So, This was the image where I used to tracing and getting dxf files from inkscape software. If you want to create tracing files from single image then first you have to identify which parts you have to design and use some imagination for overlapped parts.

Use paper and pencil for normal sketching. Then go through engineering design software. I have used Solidworks software for dxf file finishing cuts and Solid edge for scalling the design files. But if you are not flexible with these softwares then go through any 2 D modelling software which will save your drawing file into the dxf or 2D file formate. If we consider Inkscape software it is more helpful for anyone and easy to learn by using online vedioes of the same.


Well, This wall art contains around 29 small parts. And I use 2.5 scalling factor for all the design files. I was using laser cutter machine for cutting 6 mm ply wood. If you want to cut all files in single pass then you need 8″*4″ plywood.