I have decided to take one more trial on onion, to overcome the problem of fungus infection and spoiling onion and to maintain the food value of onion. I have referred the following paper on the nutritive value of food.


The procedure I followed was as follows,

  1. I took 17 Kg onion to cut.
  2. It had 5 kg of waste and 12 kg clean onion.
  3. I have washed 12 kg onion in clean water because some of the onions were infected by fungus.
  4. Then I have loaded 12 kg onion on dome dryer as follows,
  • On 1st plate- 1 kg onions were loaded
  • On 2nd plate- 1.5 kg onions were loaded
  • On 3rd plate- 2 kg onions were loaded
  • On 4th plate- 2.4 kg onions were loaded
  • On 5th plate- 2.6 kg onions were loaded
  • On 6th plate- 2.6 kg onions were loaded

5. Batch started on 27 NOV’18 at 3:50 pm.

6. Took 12 samples to find out water loss on drying(LOD) in onions, 2 from each plate, Inside and Outside.

fig1. dried onion after 1 day from batch loaded

fig2. Dried onion


There was no fungus infected and no bad smell came. Onions dried well as compared to last 2 onion trials. It seems this is a successful trial of onion .

Next Plan:

After successful trial of onion I am looking forward for another substrate to dry without loosing their food value “The nutritional value of a foodstuff “.