It’s the second trial on a colored dome dryer. The objective was to improve the efficiency of colored dome dryer to dry substrate in minimum time.


This batch was loaded at 6 pm on 28th JAN’19. The procedure followed was as follows;

  • I took 3.5 kg sawdust.
  • I mixe11-liter water in sawdust.
  • I kept the mixture as it is for half an hour.
  • After that, I did the weight of it.
  • I took 10 gm sample for LOD.
  • I had evenly distributed wet sawdust on each plate. As follows, Plate One- 1 kg, Plate Two- 1.5 kg, Plate Three- 2 kg, Plate Four- 2.4 kg, Plate Five-2.6 kg, Plate Six- 2.6 kg.
  • I noted down the time when the batch was loaded.
  • I took samples from the south and the north side from each plate after every six hour in daytime.
fig1. closing dome dryer after batch loading
fig2. LOD Data


Up to 10 hour drying time reduced compared to the first trial of a colored dome. The sawdust was dried in 36 hours. It took minimum time.

Next Plan:

We are selling this dome dryer to DST. So we are planning to make 3 dome dryers as we have order of it and next trials will be taken on one of them.