Objective: Repairing of chairs

Materials : Bench grinder, Screw driver, Screws, Iron rod, Drill machine, Nut and bolt, Compound mtre saw, etc.


  1. Examine the chair properly and note the faults.
  2. Chair 1 has the problem that its handle was loose fixed it with screw.
  3. Chair 2 has a problem that its supporting side is loose fixed it with large nuts
  4. Chair 3 and 4 has a problem that its both handle are to be made new for this use iron rod by cutting it with compound mtre saw in length 29 cm and corners are cut at angle 50 with the same saw.
  5. Blunt the ends using bench grinder
  6. Mark the drilling points.
  7. Drill the handles using drilling machine.
  8. Handles were painted with red oxide to prevent the rusting and for smooth appearance of color
  9.  After 24 hours the handles were painted with black color by gravity feed spray gun
  10. Leave the paint to become dry for 24 hours
  11. Fix the handles using nuts and bolts.


  1. The Support of 2 chair was not fixing with small screws
  2. The 4th chair handle drill holes are shifted


  1. To overcome the problem use bigger bolts are used
  2. To overcome the problem another hole is drilled on chair where handle is to be fix.

Learning outcome:

Drilling, operating of hand grinder, bench grinder, compound mtre saw