Objective –To paint key security frame use in society.

Material – Metal frame, measure tape, primer, spray paint, polish paper, P.O.P (plaster of paris).


1)First take a metal frame (dimension is 60cm length and 67cm height)

2)Polish the metal frame using polish papers

3)The P.O.P is used to fill the uneven joint or the hole present on the frame

4)Again, take a polish paper and polish the frame so that the filling will be in even manner.

5)Now apply the primer, so that the spray paint will be evenly the apply on the metal frame

After complete drying of the primer (after 24hr) now apply the spray paint.

Learning part – I learn in this assignment purpose of the red oxide and reaction of the red oxide on the metal frame.

And also learn about which type of paint use for the metal frame and how to work spray paint.

Sr.No. Material Price(Rs)
1 P.O.P 2
2 Spray paint 135
3 Red oxide 30
Total   167