Topics discussed are as follows:

  • Process optimization of convective hot air drying
    • – Dr. Smita Lele, Registrar and Professor Biochemical Engg. ICT, Mumbai
      • Discussed topic about Air circulation and re-circulation.
      • Reuse of working air by continuous moisture removal.
      • Effect of Air Circulation on bacterial load on the substrate.
      • Efficiency of Convetive drying process
  • Solar Dehydration
    • Mr. Vaibhav Tidke, Science for Society, Mumbai
      • Discussed solar dehydration and his designed Solar Dryer
      • Optimization of Solar dryers.
      • Energy for Flow and Energy for drying
  • High Frequency Dehydartion
    • Mr. Arun Monga, Monga Strayfield
      • Discussed technique of using Radio frequency for Dehydration of Substrate
      • Discussed science of Radio frequency Drying
      • Discuss about radio frequency Dryer’s Efficiency, Capacity and Utilisation
  • Heat Pump Drying
    • Mr. Sunil Bhat, Advanced Agroripe
      • Displayed Heat Pump drying
      • Low Investment dryers for startups and farmers
      • Technology of Heat Pump drying
  • Market opportunities for Dehydrated Goods
    • Shri Atul Mardikar, MD, Udyog Prerna
      • Discussed Market for dehydrated goods
      • Limits of cost for buying goods for dehydration
      • Dehydration technology scope for future