In our VA’s kitchen we brought vegetables from local market in bulk quantity. There was need for food or vegetables preservation in VA since the conventional refrigeration started mal functioning. Maintains was not available for a long time. I observed that the vegetables are not remain or looking fresh after 1 or 2 days especially the leafy vegetables. Weekly vegetables brought from market in bulk needed to be preserved.

There was an option for purchasing Mitti Cool refrigerator. But Mitti cool  works on the principle of evaporative cooling. The water capillaries towards the outer surface through the clay walls and sand filled between the inner chamber and outer chamber. The water evaporates when it reaches to outer surface and take away heat from inside. Thus cools the vegetables problem with design is very low capacity. We needed cool storage for bulk quantity hence i decided to make cool storage in DIC department of Vigyan ashram under guidance of Mr. Arun dixit and Mr. Ranjeet Shanbhag Sir.