Current Students (July 2016)

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# Main Project Side projects
1 Abhijeet Savant (CAPD) FRP Geodisc Dome Portable woodstove design,  Electronics enclosure box
2 Jyoti Dhumal (IGP) Increasing organic carbon in soil  Biome dome, Soil testing lab work, Soil testing procedure
3 Sandeep Jundere (EWM) Using rainwater harvesting for water fruit tree plantations Rainwater harvesting at DIC building, drip irrigation using waste plastic bottles, Design of gray water based personal air cooler, Design of low cost rain guages
4 Mayur Daptare  (SCST) Low cost remote weather station  Design MPPT charger for vibration based mobile charging
5 Swami Kalekar (CAPD) Smart enclosure for e-bikes used in courier service Design compact mobile charger powered by vibrations, Good aeration safety helmet
6 Vijay Erande  (EWM) Design compact ready-to-use grey water soak pit package  Grey water filter, grey water analysis
7 Prachi Samarth (SCST) Developing low cost Prosthetic hand  Persistence of vision module,
8 Vishwas Shinde (CAPD) Baling machine for plastic bags Solar sanitary pad incinerator
9 Dipali Kambale (CAPD) Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural patients
10 Shubham Shembade (CAPD) Ambient temperature dryer COD digestor

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