Conducted on 13th August 2022.

In this Activity, students learned to detect the pulse using finger clips as sensors and Arduino UNO.

Electronic Components and their uses in this Activity.


Arduino uno.

This is a microcontroller which is used as brain as of system and which functions on Programming. Just we need to upload the program in the Arduino and it functions according to the Program uploaded in it.



Fingure clips (pressure sensors.)

This sensors are made of aluminium foil which wraps a conducting wire in it. It performs the work of passing the signal from fingure to the adruino.


Arduino ide software.

This software is used to program the Arduino UNO. In this software we have to write the code and upload this written code in Arduino, We can program any of the microcontroller using this software. The main part which we are going to use from this software is Serial Plotter, on which we will need to see the pulse rate graph.


Led bulbs.

 We have used 3V three LED bulbs in this activity, red,green and orange. if the pulse rate of any person is normal green led will glow and if the pulse rate of any person is unstable red led will glow.


jumper wires.

This wires are used in connection of circuit. They are just used as connectors.

how it works…..

When the two finger clips with aluminum foil are put up on the index finger and middle finger it becomes a conductive material and sends the pulse towards Arduino in analog form, being a Microcontroller Analog data received from finger sensors is processed and uploaded on Serial Plotter. Therefore the data given by the fingers is seen on the Serial Plotter and also blinks the LED (as red, blue, green)according to the pulse rate with the help of Arduino Programming.

see the working video of pulse detector.

make your own pulse detector using below mentioned video.

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