A hydroponics system with a surface area of 36 square feet and automatic controls was to be fabricated and delivered to a farmer in Pune.


Following are the design specifications for the system,

  • Type of structure: Rectangular, easy to dismantle, and transportable.
  • No. of layers: 3
  • No. of tray’s: 12
  • Dimensions of the tray: 1.5ft X 2ft
  • Type of pump: 100 Watt, Centrifugal water pump.
  • Material for the structure: Square tube (20mm X 20 mm)


Fabrication of the hydroponics structure.
Hydroponics system structure.

Drip irrigation pipes were used along with Sprinklers, Tees, Elbows, and End caps for the transportation of water.

Once the fabrication and installation of piping were completed a trial of the system was conducted and the system’s performance was found to be satisfactory.

Delivery of the structure:

Customers with hydroponics system

The system was delivered on 22 February 2020.