Already the cleaning of the project we had done. But still, the chamber was fully rusted from inside and outside. Then we started polishing of chamber with the help of polish paper. The rust was so much. Each and every part got rusted. shubham sir suggested us use the grinder for removing the rust. The rubber insulation of doors got damaged. We removed that rubber insulation.

Next day Komal mam told us to do the painting. We made rough the surface of the previously painted wall by using sand paper.After that,t we started to applying red oxide to the wall of the chamber,inside fins and trays.                                    

Selection and cleaning of chamber of refrigerator

                         At morning we all gathered together and we meet to komal mam. Then we discuss regarding project design. we want a chamber for refrigerator. Then we discuss with Ranajit sir and Dixit sir. They told ise the chamber of dryer as chamber of refrigerator. Then we saw the chamber. The chamber was too dirty. We did the cleaning of refrigerator with the help of cloth and broom. Then at night Komal mam disassemble the unnecessary part.

At morning Ranajit sir told us they took review regarding our projects. We all made preparation regarding our protect work. At 11am 
Ranjit sir and Dixit sir carried out the review. During the review, we heard all the projects information we got some new ideas and progress of different projects. If anyone has difficulty regarding his project then all gave him a suggestion. I also asked regarding my project sir told me for fitting a new pully.
                Ranjit sir gave us a new project of preparation of refrigerator. For this project, they told to work with Miss Komal madam. After completing the review we meet to Komal mam and discuss regarding the project and we took the basic theory behind the project.