Every substrate has different drying curves i.e. every material behaves differently while it leaves moisture. To interpret this drying pattern for a material we used laboratory oven. but that didn’t generated good results.

In a meeting with J.B. Joshi sir from BARC, he told us  to design an apparatus for drying substrate. In this apparatus we should be able to control and record all input parameters as

  1. Air Flow
  2. Humidity of inlet air
  3. Temperature of inlet air
  4. Humidity of outlet air
  5. Temperature of outlet air
  6. Real time weight loss in substrate

The apparatus should be constructed like wise

  1. It should have a insulated drying chamber
  2. It should have a control on inlet humidity
  3. It should have air flow controlling devices
  4. A weight measurement device should be inside the insulated chamber
  5. Data logging is necessary
  6. use sensor for higher accuracy of measurement.