Sr. No. Date Schedule of work
1. 01.01.2019 Reporting to Vigyan Ashram.
2. 02.01.2019  Project done in Vigyan ashram visit and information.  Kulkarni Sir visit.
3. 03.01.2019  Starting of assignment 1- C.O.D test.  Identification of chemicals. And chemical reactions.
4. 04.01.2019 Took different water samples and proceed to COD test.
5. 05.01.2019 Attained the digital fabrication and belongingness lecture.
6. 06.01.2019 Problem definition, empathy, ideation, prototyping, testing. Lecture on belongingness. Working on assignment for making meter  box.
7 07.01.2019 Lecture on topic design. About Falkirk wheel. Customer need, problem, demand.
8 08.01.2019 Assignment works are completed. Assign the project Azolla vertical trey system.
9 09.01.2019- 13.01.2019 Collection of basic information on main project. Attained the Design lecture. Pune market visit. Lecture is given by J.B. Joshi Sir from ICT Bombay on the topic of Innovation to transform. Discussion on the project topic.
10 14.01.2019-19.01.2019 Project discussion on problem definition. Objective, material, procedure cost of project. Attained the problem definition lecture. Create blog. Review on the project work.
11 20.01.2019. Attained the 123D design lecture. Collected the project information. Fist trail to   observe actual growth of azolla plant in dome structure and Polyhouse structure.
12 21.01.2019- 27.01.2019 Design of different frameworks on 123D. Cleaning of ashram. Collecting the information regarding Azolla well growth  required climatic condition discussion azolla growth with Dixit sir. 
13 28.01.2019 Dissussion on humidity, temperature, specific heat and latent heat.
14 29.01.2019- 01.02.2019  Cleaning the place and shifting of dome.
15 02.02.2019- 05.02.2019 Holiday.
16 06.02.2019- 09.02.2019 Requirements of climatic condition of growing azolla. Different uses of Azolla.
17 10.02.2019- 15.02.2019  Assumptions and calculation of vertical trey system of Azolla. Design of vertical trey system of Azolla. Calculations of production of azolla as per area and volume of dome.
18 16.02.2019- 21.02.2019 Design of trey system in solid works collecting the material required. Preparation of azolla bed.
19 22.02.2019- 28.02.2019. About Google form. Review of blog. Preparation of Azolla bed.
20 01.03.2019- 06.03.2019 Planted azolla in bed and started taking readings for temperature and humidity.
21 07.03.2019- 10.03.2019. Observation of growth of Azolla. Started harvesting Azolla. Discussion on project with Dixit sir.
22 11.03.2019 – 14.03.2019 Compared condition inside the dome with ideal condition for Azolla growth.
23     15.03.2019 – 19.03.2019 Calculated evaporation rate of water. Discussion on project with dixit sir. Observation temperature and humidity.
24   20.03.2019 – 31.03.2019 Installation of misters to control the temperature and humidity. Compared carbon and nitrogen fixation of Azolla plant and other plants. Calculated per nitrogen fixation  as per Azolla production.
25     01.04.2019 – 07.04.2019 Discussion session with J.B. Joshi Sir on dome dryer, drying apparatus, fish Farming and composting with Azolla. Blog updated. Cleaning of workshop. Lecture on period is table and balancing equation by Dixit sir.
26 08.04.2019 – 15.04.2019  
27 16.04.2019-19.04.2019 Installation of Automatic temperature humidity sensor Report writing was start.
28 20.04.2019 Observations for temperature and humidity Blog updated