The rig is designed for testing following characteristics of silica gel

  1. Adsorption time for mass of silica gel
  2. Reactivation time for mass of silica gel
  3. Adsorption time in column at different flow rates
  4. Reactivation time for the column ate different temperature and flow rate of air
  5.  Total Saturation time in column
  6. Total Reactivation time in column
  7. Energy Consumed for reactivation at different flow rates and temperature of air

The Rig consist of following parts

  1. Base/Bench
  2. Air pump
  3. Flow measurement
  4. Air Heater
  5. Silica Gel Column
  6. Exhaust

Orifice Manometer for Flow measurement

For measuring the air flow in the system the I made a orifice type of manometer. I used Plasma cutter to cut mu orifice of designed size i.e 54 mm O.D. and 24 mm I.D. The orifice is held within a 2″ G.I. Pipe union joint which I used for body or casing of the orifice. Across the union i fitted the hose barbs for the manometer tube.


Air Heating section

For including the reactivation cycle in the same rig. I have made a inline air heater which would be connected between the Orifice meter and the Silica gel column

I ordered two 500 watt Band heaters and a manual thermostatic switch.


The temperature is controlled by a Analogue thermostatic temperature controller [thermostat]. It has a temperature range from 50 to 300 degree Celsius. The thermostat has to be connected in series with the heaters.

The two 500 watts band heaters are connected in parallel connection to a 240 Volts 50Hz AC power supply.

The inner diameter of the band heaters is 2 inches. It was designed as to wrap around  the 2 inch G.I. pipe as shown in the image.