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Solar Panel cleaning unit

In this month I got the project of solar panel cleaning ,as we predict that the efficiency of solar panel is decreased due to dust on panel .So this month I am collecting the data for solar panels on top of memorial hall and top...

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Black Water Treatment

Blackwater, which is sometimes referred to as sewage  is the wastewater that comes from toilets, garbage grinders, and dishwashers. This is different from greywater because it contains bacteria, pathogens, and food particles,...

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Solar Based Micro Inverter

INTRODUCTION A Solar PV inverter is an electrical device that changes the direct current (DC) electricity, which is produced by Solar PV panels, into alternating current (AC). A micro inverter converts direct current (DC) from a...

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IOT based ‘Entrance Gate’

This is a project to control a entrance gate with the help of android app without any physical work. I have created some simple steps to achieve this goal please take a look. Step 1: Creating server on ESP32 to get input from...

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Introduction Hydroponics is a method or it’s a science f growing crop without soil . It’s just like traditional garden but they have their roots in water rather in in soil. Soil gives nutrients to plants in fact...

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बायोफ्लॉक फिश फार्मिंग पद्धत

फिश फार्मिंग बायोफ्लोक पद्धत ( विज्ञान आश्रम ,पाबळ फिश फार्म ):- बायोफ्लॉक :- फिश्फार्मिंग ची दुसरी एक पद्धत म्हणजे बायोफ्लॉक ,या मध्ये आश्रमात १०००० लिटर ची टाकी बांधून पाण्याचे तापमान २८ ते ३० अंश सेल्सिअस ठेवण्यासाठी त्याला...

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