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Composting Visits

We have visited Nigadale, Bhimashankar for composting bed demonstration on Dec 9, 2020. The farmer’s name was Kisan Mhatarba Lohokare. They had paddy straws and husk in quantity of 500 kg. There we had met 15 farmers who were...

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Daily Task

14/12/2020 Jenson and Nutrient agar media prepration. Fish feed and its data collection 15/12/2020 COD of different inlet water samples of grey water system. media preparation L.B., N.A., PDA. Subculturing of consortia bacteria....

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In Vitro Micropropagation Of Potato

In vitro micropropagation of Potato Introduction: Potato(Solanum tuberosum L.) is fourth major food crop after wheat, rice and maize. Annually more than a billion people consume potato throughout the world. It is rich in...

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Water Hyacinth Papermaking

Jan 11, 2021 Objectives: To prepare a paper with the help of water hyacinth. Water hyacinth is cellulose-rich, grow rapidly in ponds, soft and easy to process and thus potentially can be an alternative source of material...

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